Trendy African print wear for women

African print wear is a unique and vibrant fashion style that has become increasingly popular among women all over the world. This style is inspired by the traditional African textiles and patterns, and it is a celebration of the rich culture and heritage of the African people.

African print wear is typically made from brightly colored, bold fabrics that feature intricate patterns and designs. The prints often incorporate symbols and motifs that have deep cultural significance and are unique to the specific region or tribe from which they originated.

The most common types of African print wear for women include jumpsuits, rompers, bonnets, dresses and gowns. Each piece is designed to be both comfortable and stylish, and the prints can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of outfits.

African print wear is also versatile in terms of the different seasons. During the warmer months, lightweight cotton or rayon prints are perfect, while heavier fabrics such as wax print are ideal for colder weather.

African print wears for women

Here at Mowolaa we make every fashion item in a unique way. Every of our African print wear is hand made by professional artisans. Each style is unique and relevant to it's design and pattern. Below are some of the trendy African print wear for women.


We know most people confuse rompers with jumpsuits but we'll brink clarity to that. Rompers and jumpsuits are almost sown similar way but the key difference between this two is the length. Rompers are shorter while jumpsuits are longer in length.

Rompers are adorable and can be dressed down or up for any occasion be it formal or informal. The main reason ladies lean towards romper is because of the comfort that comes with wearing it.

To make things stylish, We at Mowolaa decided to create unique Romper styles and designs using African prints fabrics. You'll love our romper collection.

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Jackets are important part of fashion and style. They've been around since ancient times and have evolved overtime. One of the areas where jacket shines is the layering of wears.

Sometimes it gets too normal with jacket except you opt in for the extravagant ones which will definitely take away comfort from you. 

One way to spice up your outfit is too add a layer of African print jacket. The vibrant colors and unique patterns makes it not too common and unique. It is very hard to see the same pattern, style and fabric being used on same jacket when it comes to African print wears.

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We're sure you know the list can't be complete without mentioning gowns. Gown is a very important fashion item when it comes to women's wardrobe. Almost all women you come across on the street have it in their closet.

Gowns are loved by women mainly because of the ease of wearing and the comfort that comes with it. From extravagant styles to skinny fitted gowns, they all have their unique usage.

How about you have a gown you can wear to any occasion while still looking super gorgeous, simple and classy at the same time. This is where African print gowns shines. 

The beautiful patterns on them makes each style unique and never seen before. One way to stand out in an occasion is to rock one of these. You'll be glad you have it in your wardrobe

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