Mowolaa is a black owned company from New York in the United States. 

Mowolaa was born by our CEO Omowola - Kayode who has great taste and high fashion sense in mostly African Print Fabrics. 

Our clothing line fabric, which is known for its sensuous afrocentric quality wears can be traced as far back to the mid 1800s. Historically, they were traded in West Africa and are popularly called Ankara today. 

With a strong eye for tailoring and fit, we create modern silhouettes without compromising the African traditional aesthetics and quality.

Mowolaa is able to carve out unconventional designs and niches that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Our collections includes ready to wear African print dresses, dress shirts, jackets and jumpsuits. More styles will also be added periodically.

Thank you for visiting our store. We hope you like our designs!