The Woman King Movie Premier: That Statement Look.

Who else is anxiously waiting for the blockbuster movie ‘The Woman King’ starring Viola Davis, John Boyega, and Nigeria’s very own Jimmy Odukoya, premiering on the 16th of September? Even from the trailers and behind the scenes clips we have seen, we already know it’s going to be a sensational movie. 

The Woman King is a historical epic and it is about the Agojie warriors who existed from 1600s until 1904, the female warrior unit that protected the West African Kingdom of Dahomey. They were named the Amazons by the western Europeans who encountered them, due to the story of the female warriors of Amazons in the Greek mythology. 

The emergence of an all-female military regiment was as a result of Dahomey’s male population facing high casualties on the increasingly frequent violence and warfare with the neighboring west African states, which led to Dahomey being forced to annually give male slaves to the Oyo Empire. The Oyo empire used the male members of the Dahomey community as commodity exchange as part of the growing phenomenon of the slave trade in West Africa during the age of discovery. As there were very few men, this likely led the kings of Dahomey to recruit females into the military, so the kingdom is not left unprotected.

Now that we have a little background knowledge about such an amazing movie, depicting the life of some of the greatest African warriors of west African history, who’s more excited and can’t wait for the movie premiere? I believe now you are wondering, what to wear to the premiere of history being remade, just like it was made when Black Panther premiered. This is going to be much more intense, this isn’t fiction, this is the story of a people that existed in African history, their stories, their life, the ordeals they went through before they could gain their independence. This is their truth.

Now to the really exciting part! Getting dressed up, looking good and representing the African community at the movie premiere.  We at Mowolaa will never dull you! Premiere looks? Say no more. we can confidently say all our African dresses outfits are fit for the premiere of ‘The Woman king’, but because we love you, and you are really special to us, we took time out to handpick some special pieces that relate well to the dress theme of the movie. We are sure you would love them.  


       For those that have seen the trailer of the ‘The Woman King’, you would know that a lot of the outfits were centered around shorts. Comfortability, ease, freedom is one thing some of us cherish in our outfits, and shorts are one of the outfits that can give you all of that. But do you know what is even better? A play suit, that’s a complete outfit. We have the perfect African print playsuit for you by the name Ashabi, all you need to do is accessorize to your taste, wear your makeup and you are good to go. With this look, there is no way you wouldn’t feel like you belong in the African culture. 


      Made with pure Africa print, it’s safe to say this is concentrated African gorgeousness. One of the unique things about this outfit is the fabric, two different types of fabrics blended to create a top-notch African wear. The Ankara print style and the houndstooth material. We told you you are special, right?  We weren’t joking. When it comes to you, we don’t make hurried decisions.


We bring to you the Aduke jacket. When you are about to see ‘The woman king’ you want to give off a regal aura and be an embodiment of a true African queen and warrior. Aduke jacket would get the job done for you to perfection. The jacket as seen can be paired with a pair of pant, skirt or a dress. 


Saving the best for the last, drumroll… we have the Felinwa jumpsuit. This particular piece is just perfect, it seems like when we were coming up with the design for this outfit we had ‘The Woman King’ in mind. From the African print, to the style of securing the upper part of the playsuit at the back by putting the straps into a knot, I mean, we could have gone for good old zipper or buttons, but we went for unique and different and let’s not forget classy. Now let’s go into the theatre and make fashion statements, we can talk about the head turns later, because all our Mowolaa ladies are gorgeous.


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