Ewaoluwa black dashiki with white African print

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Ewaoluwa black dashiki with white African print

Ewaoluwa is a Yoruba name for girls meaning "The beauty of God". This dress gives off the baby princess vibe and at the same time makes you look like no nonsense boss lady who got her stuffs in control.

If you're the type that likes to be treated like a princess or likes to be loved real hard then this wear is for you.

Pulling of one of these to a club or birthday party on a Friday will definitely put all eyes on you.

It gives that free lifestyle, my own boss, elegant and at the same time simple look. You should consider going for this wear if you're someone that loves to party, wants to get compliments, and needs all eyes on you.

Kind advise: Rock it to a date and see how that will turn out. Come back to leave a positive review later on. Go for it senior lady

Material: Crepe


  • Black Dashiki with white African design at the front
  • Free sized dress
  • Two front pockets
  • Little split in the front neck area for ease of wearing
  • Lasting white print in front
  • Short split at the neck area
  • Armless wear
  • Short Gown
  • Can be worn with stripped or plain pants
  • Can be worn with hats


Care instructions

  • Handwashing is the safest way to wash crepe.
  • If you prefer to machine wash your garment, turn the garment inside out, place it in a mesh washing bag and then select delicate cycle.
  • Cold water and low spin.
  • When you are finished washing your garment, gently press the water out of the garment
  • Never wring the garment
  • Fold or hang to store it 
  • Keep out of dusty area
  • Heat press lightly or use steam iron to remove wrinkles

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