Felinwa tie-back jumpsuit and playsuit


Felinwa tie-back jumpsuit and playsuit

This fashion Item is one you should have in your closet for some good reasons. It is what African women in the UK treats as treasure. You want to know why?

This fashion item lets you look elegant, sexy, simple, easy going and baddy at the same time. It is a one shot kills many.

You can wear it for vacation. You can rock it to events and parties. You can even put it on to dates incase you want some juicy events to take place.



  • Tie-back jumpsuit and playsuit 
  • Zip at the back of trousers for ease of wearing
  • Has inner pockets



100% African wax


Care instructions

  • Wash by hand
  • Don't use machine to wash
  • Don't wash it aggressively 
  • Keep away from scorching sun
  • Keep away from hot water or hot surface
  • Use steam iron to remove wrinkles
  • Treat with care
  • You can store it by hanging or folding

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