Adeola: African print short stripped dress shirt


Adeola: African print short stripped dress shirt

Adeola is both a Yoruba surname and a given name meaning "crown of wealth". We gave this particular Mowolaa African Print clothe this store name because of how it was rushed during launch. 

This Mowolaa styled African print dress will make you look like a city queen or princess depending on how you rock it. You can also rock it as a boss if you wish to. 

It is a one wear fit all. Go for it.

Material: 100% Cotton



  • Button down dress shirt
  • Touch of African Print
  • Can be styled as short gown
  • You can use belt on the waist and pair with plain pant
  • Short sleeve
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric


Care instruction

  • Wash in cold (30°C or below) water.
  • You can wash with machine or hand.
  • Give garments a gentle stretch when they come out of the wash to get them back into shape.
  • Always air dry
  • Dry clothes flat and out of the sun if possible
  • You can fold or hang it to store
  • Keep out of dusty area

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